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Stephanie Pickles

Specialties:  Ocean & River Cruises, Las Vegas & England

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Stephanie believes travel is an essential part of living to keep oneself humble. She enjoys spending time with her family while traveling the world and immersing herself in culture.

Pickles Vacations was a dream fulfilled, and she gladly shares her love for travel with her clients. You will receive first-class service and unsurpassed travel experiences when working with her.

Stephanie is married with two children, two grandchildren, and three dogs; they are the loves of her life.

Tabitha Long

Specialties:  All-Inclusive, Caribbean, Mexico & Church Group Travel

Tabitha fell in love while traveling on her first mission trip to Puerta Lempira, Honduras, in November of 2014.  She loves to embrace the experience of cultural differences while traveling.

Born and raised in McKinney, Texas, and now lives just a stone throw away in Anna, Texas. She has been married to her husband, Ryan, for 20 years as of June 2020. She resides with her two children, Kaitlyn and Mason, two dogs, the fanatic Frenchie Luna and Foxy, and two cats, Turbo and Skylan.

She specializes in ocean cruises as well as group travel and traveling with your pets!

Brittany Lister

Specialties:  Weddings & Honeymoons, Ocean & River Cruises, & Group Travel

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Brittany loves traveling as it fulfills her curiosity about the world. She has enjoyed seeing surroundings outside of the norm of everyday life. As we all have different desires when traveling, you’re likely to find her on a beach somewhere. Give her a beach, a book, and a cold beverage, and she’s a happy lady.

Brittany was born and raised in Atlanta. She married her college sweetheart and now lives two and a half hours south of Atlanta in Warner Robins, Georgia. She has two little girls, five years old and ten months, and two very disobedient, spoiled dogs.

Allison Hall-Smith

Specialties:  Disney, Hawaii, Cruises, Family & Group Travel

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Allison’s love for travel started as a toddler. She grew up in Indiana with educator parents, where school breaks were an excuse to hit the road and explore. Spring break saw annual trips to Walt Disney World. Summer was for camping adventures that have taken her across the US, Canada, and countless National Parks. She continued traveling throughout college and spent six months living at Walt Disney World while participating in their college program. Joining her often was her high school sweetheart, who married on the beach in Maui, HI. Now they have two boys, ages 12 and 7. As a family, they love visiting Walt Disney World, Hawaii, exploring new resorts, but most of all spending time together. Allison hopes to take a Disney cruise to Alaska so she can visit her 50th state.

Allison believes family travel allows us to connect and recharge. She left her career as a fashion designer searching for a new adventure and is excited to be helping others create unforgettable experiences and memories through family travel.

Eliseo Rangel

Specialties:  Adventure, Luxury All-Inclusive, Europe, Hawaii & Group Travel

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El was born in Houston but quickly had a falling out with the humidity and moved to Phoenix. After 13 years in the hospitality industry, he decided to pursue one of his greatest passions as a career and has embraced the life of a travel agent.

He’s an expert in solo traveling Europe, and helping others achieve their travel dreams (especially if it’s to Iceland) is one of his favorite things.

When not trying to become the first person to learn magic so he doesn’t have to get up to refill his tea, El spends his time baking and drawing maps of his favorite places in the world.

Jacquelyne Corral

Specialties: All-Inclusive, Mexico, Caribbean, USA & Group Travel

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Jackie was born in Texas and raised in rural Oklahoma. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

She is always dreaming of the exciting places she will visit and the unique people she will meet. Her travels have taken her throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and many North American states!

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