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Stephanie Pickles

Specialty:  Las Vegas, Ocean & River Cruises
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Stephanie Harvard Pickles grew up in Plano, Texas and is a sixth generation Texan. Her family settled in Texas in 1867 after the American civil war. 

Stephanie attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York to further her culinary skills as a chef and to satisfy her passion for the culinary arts. She stayed in the restaurant and catering business for a little over twenty years. Then for a short five-year stint became a certified homeowners association manager. She has also held an active Texas real estate license since 2011, as this is a must in the Harvard family as commercial real estate is a family affair.

Stephanie has two wonderful grown sons, and a beautiful granddaughter. She was lucky to find her soulmate later in life and inherited her unique last name from her English husband, Baz Pickles. Stephanie and Baz were destined to meet and have been married since 2016. Their goal in life is to live it to the fullest and travel the world together.

Stephanie and Baz travel regularly and want to share the gift of travel to clients. Stephanie believes that you must treat your clients like family and always provide first-class service.

Jill Palmer

Specialty:   Weddings/Honeymoons, Exotic Adventure, & Wellness/Eco-Travel
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A New York native who is just now calling the lone star state her home after all these years when her family moved down during her early teenage years.

Graduating from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design, she landed a design assistant position for JCPenney corporate.

Throughout the years she traveled overseas to work with her vendors in HK and Taiwan but also traveled into Mexico and mainland China to visit dyeing and printing facilities, fabric mills, and supplier factories. Having the opportunity to work her way up through many positions and divisions within JCPenney, she is officially embracing the best of both worlds. Her tomboyish ways are fulfilled by being a mother of two boys while her sparkly unicorn everyday life demeanor is fulfilled designing for girls. An #epicwin in her book!

She is happily married for 9 years strong to her loving husband that she met accidentally from a mutual acquaintance they both did not know they had. When she is not being a full time working mom, managing her Instagram lifestyle blog or running the neighborhood with her German Shepherds. She volunteers at the local shelter because saving animals is her number one passion.

Giselle Marquez

Specialty:  Europe, Asia & Group Travel
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Giselle was born in Austin, Texas and is currently a college student at Texas State University majoring in Public Relations.

Traveling has always been part of her life plan, so she aspires to create a life for herself in which she can work in what she loves as well as have plenty of time for her travels. Her previous experiences in traveling to places such as Spain and Italy are the reason she decided to become a travel agent.

Giselle believes that traveling feeds the soul in ways nothing else can; as a travel agent she can assist others in getting those same beautiful and life changing travel experiences.

Shellita Peshlakai

Specialty:  Caribbean, All-Inclusive, Disney, & Ocean Cruises
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Shellita Peshlakai is a Texas native from Lubbock who works as a Financial Counselor for Covenant Health Systems. Shell has been an avid traveler from an early age, having visited international cities such as Caracas, Venezuela, and New York City, and having embarked on several cruises to the Bahamas, Cozumel, Mexico, and Grand Cayman Islands.

She is a loving mother of three who also runs an independent business and is sometimes joined on her adventures by her musician boyfriend.

Shell has always had a passion for making people feel good about themselves. Whether counseling people with tough financial questions or giving fashion advice as an independent accessories’ consultant, Shell’s heart is always set on making people smile!

With her fantastic sense of quality and taste, let Shell work on the details for a perfect trip! Let her love of travel help you plan the adventure of your dreams! Contact her today to start planning the travel experience of a lifetime!

Estefana Meza

Specialty:  Latin America, Spain, Disney, & Faith-Based Tours
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Estefana is a Texas native, born and raised in San Antonio the home of the Alamo. She is married to a wonderful Spaniard who gave up his roots for this Texas gal. Five children, a dog, two cats, and a turtle AND 23 years later we are witness that this unlikely match was meant to be. They recently celebrated their eldest daughter’s acceptance into a Ph.D. program and look forward to having a future doctor in their midst while simultaneously are planning to celebrate their youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday. Their children, whose ages range from 2-22, keep them young and void of any boredom and they would not have it any other way.

You can often find Estefana having some coffee researching about her next obsession or you might find her near the pool watching the splashing chaos which is bound to ensue. Nonetheless, it is a joyful busy-ness that is constant in her home.

Life was not always this way. A few years ago, much of her life was spent in an 8th-grade middle school classroom. Her classroom was her little corner of the world where she invited her students to nurture a love for learning and helped them discover what their greater purpose in life might be. A place where she inspired students to find the vision, they wanted for themselves from the world and helped them create a plan they could both work on together. With their willingness and with her guidance their success was inevitable.

Her role as a travel advisor is similar, except her perspective has shifted to providing her expertise on any given destination and helping her client achieve the best experience attainable. She looks forward to using her love for research and all the other gifts she has gathered in life to make this possible.

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